At the forefront of tech education, Trybe stands out as the most career-focused tech school. Our training approach is intricately connected with the challenges and needs of the job market, ensuring that those who choose to study and graduate from Trybe possess the essential tools not only to kickstart but also to sustainably advance in their technology careers over the long term.

UI/UX Desgin

Pioneering Tech Education for Long-Term Career Success

The Tech Talent Hub simplifies the search for the right individuals to join your technology team. Every month, Trybe graduate over 150 developers across Brazil.

In a 12-month program tailored to meet the dynamic demands of the job market, Trybe students not only acquire technical programming skills but also extend beyond coding. They learn valuable soft skills and receive guidance from a dedicated career team, preparing them to face market challenges and connecting them with the best companies to work for.

The Tech Talent Hub serves as the conduit for this connection, offering it free of charge and creating opportunities for both students and partner companies.


We had to present the Talent Hub as an offer to companies who are looking to hire new developers as a solution and also, all the methodology behind the process learning this students had until got ready to market.


I started doing a large and profund researching on all the direct and indirect competitors to be able to create a fresh and smooth look for the project from scratch. The client was looking for something that has a professional design and would attract more companies interested. All the success of the project was measured by the amount of the leads received and from the market feedback about the new presentation.

My Role

My role for this project was doing the moodboard, research, wireframing, prototype, UI design and handoff. They were pleased with the results and it went through to the developer team quite quickly.


Extraordinary companies need extraordinary teams

The newly crafted visual interface for our website brings a host of benefits to the Tech Talent Hub experience. The streamlined design enhances user navigation, ensuring a more intuitive and engaging journey for both employers and aspiring developers.

With a modern and visually appealing layout, the website now mirrors the innovation and dynamism of the technology sector. This not only reinforces our commitment to staying at the forefront of tech education but also provides a seamless platform for recruiters to connect with the right talent effortlessly.

The revamped interface symbolizes our dedication to creating an optimal space where opportunities seamlessly align with expertise, fostering a thriving ecosystem for both students and partner companies.