Hacasa Metro Verde

The Metro Verde program was born with the aim of strengthening environmental care practices and actions. For every meter built, Hacasa Company preserves a proportional area of the Atlantic Forest, neutralizing the impacts of its developments.

In addition to preserving these areas, we will maintain their ecosystem by offsetting CO2 emissions and preserving all existing animal life on-site.

UI/UX Desgin • Landing Page

Building a Sustainable Tomorrow, Meter by Meter

Embark on environmental success with Hacasa’s Metro Verde initiative, a unique opportunity for businesses. Contribute to preserving 90 million square meters of the Atlantic Forest and offset over 1 million tons of CO² equivalent in the next decade.

Demonstrating sustainability commitment, every project ensures effective carbon emission neutralization, establishing your brand as an exemplar of responsibility.

This partnership shapes a sustainable future, where each preserved square meter stands as a testament to corporate dedication. Build a legacy of environmental stewardship with Hacasa’s Metro Verde.

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A modern and concise landing page design

Opting for a modern landing page design, not just for its visual appeal but to support Hacasa’s Metro Verde project’s ecological benefits. This contemporary layout not only enhances user experience but also communicates a commitment to sustainability.

The page’s mobile compatibility ensures seamless participation from any device. By integrating these environmental benefits into the narrative and their engagement, creating a unique and compelling experience.

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